Closing The GAP!

Did you realize that more than 50% of Cancer Patients do not get access to support services?

La Klozèt Cancer Foundation(La Klozèt) is working diligently to serve as the ‘closet’ offering practical non-clinical environmental and emotional support, supportive amenities, holistic coaching, and educational services for those living with cancer.

Who is This Affecting?

Cancer – especially breast cancer – is a serious concern in all communities, but especially so in rural areas of Louisiana where residents have limited access to innovative healthcare, cancer education, awareness, and resources.

One of La Klozèt Foundation's major goals is to reduce the increasing mortality rate in Louisiana’s rural communities where death rates are significantly higher than they are in urban areas.

How Has La Klozèt Helped?

La Klozèt continues to actively address several of the many elements identified as non-clinical services that are important in renewing and maintaining a good quality of life for those in cancer recovery and living with cancer by:

  • Partnering with several car services suppliers, La Klozèt Foundation assists patients unable to have their transportation needs to and from cancer treatment regimens fulfilled by their personal networks and whose transportation expenses pose a financial hardship.  La Klozèt is an intermediary in this process by clearing physicians’ offices and clinics that provide cancer treatment services to identify patient needs.

  • Supporting self-confidence restoration necessary for post-surgery women with breast cancer, La Klozèt works with certified mastectomy bra providers and medical professionals to assist in securing bras for patients economically unable to purchase their undergarments.  

  • La Klozèt advocates for patients with economic dilemmas by providing them with entities that assist with housing, food, utilities, emergency repair services for their homes or electronic communications needs. Based on identified economic hardships associated with these dilemmas,  La Klozèt can and will financially contribute to meeting the critical need.

Transportation Needs: 

La Klozèt is partnering with car services suppliers such as Uber/Lyft in delivering transportation vouchers. Additionally, La Klozèt will offer prepaid gas cards to help defray the economic cost of transportation that often presents a hardship to patients.


Bringing Better Bras Home To You

 One of La Klozèt main focuses is purchasing bras for cancer patients and survivors, an issue that touches many lives, particularly those in the greater New Orleans area. We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem.



In-Home Private Wig Consultation & Installation:

La Klozèt  will provide in-home hair care services to cancer patients provided by a certified trichologist including quality, customized, and comfortable hair replacement (wigs). Our hair experts will consult with you regarding a wide selection of standard human hair wigs, lace front wigs, African American wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces in high grade and quality.  These services give patients a more natural presentation.

How Can La Klozèt  Help You?

Sprouting from the unfortunate lack of a readily available single and comprehensive source for information and services guidance to address these non-medical needs of cancer patients, especially women with cancer, the La Klozèt Foundation was born. 


La Klozèt's fundamental aim is functioning as a liaison in developing and nurturing a community network providing cancer patients, especially women with cancer, with information and with awareness and access to readily available resources for those non-clinical but extremely important needs incorporated in daily living with cancer.

Current Services & Assistance

In-Home Private Wig Consultation & Installation

Purchasing Recovery Bras for Patients

Providing Transportation Needs

Providing financial assistance

Acquiring everyday necessities for patients and their families